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Basic Antenatal Care Plus (BANC Plus)

Basic Antenatal Care Plus (BANC Plus)
Basic Antenatal Care Plus (BANC Plus)

CODE: mid01

duration: 3 Day Theory


Maternal health remains a global health issue because the lives of millions of women at reproductive age can be saved through maternal healthcare services. Skilled care before, during, and after childbirth can save the lives of women and their new-born babies. The National Department of Health identified Basic Antenatal Care (BANC) as the best approach to improving healthcare outcomes for pregnant women. This is to be achieved by increasing Antenatal visits from five to eight. This programme is designed for professional nurses performing basic antenatal care in primary healthcare facilities.

Course Description

This course is about discussion of the terminology used during pregnancy; the importance of antenatal care; and when antenatal care should start during pregnancy as well as the intervals of the follow-up visits. The course also describes the care for the pregnant women received during the first and follow up visits. This includes clinical assessment, monitoring foetal growth, screening for infection and congenital abnormalities, counselling, and referral if needed.

Target Audience

Professional midwives that are managing pregnant women in primary health care settings and other relevant public health facilities where patients receive antenatal care.

Learning Outcomes

After completing the course, you will be able to:
  • Define the terminology used in antenatal care.
  • Describe the importance of antenatal care for the mother and foetus.
  • Assess and screen pregnant women during pregnancy for possible infections and conditions related to pregnancy.
  • Manage infections and other health conditions and appropriate referral to a higher level of care, if needed.
  • Monitor foetal growth and movement.
  • Complete all relevant antenatal records.

Course Content

The key themes/topics that the course will cover:
  • Antenatal terminology.
  • Antenatal care.
  • Antenatal visits.
  • Referral of pregnant women with conditions requiring special care.
  • Screening and monitoring pregnant women’s blood pressure, for anaemia, nutrition, HIV.
  • HIV during pregnancy and the prevention of mother-to-child transmission.
  • Screening and monitoring foetal growth, movements and possible congenital abnormalities.
  • Completing antenatal records.
  • Supervision in antenatal care.
  • Quality assurance for antenatal care.
  • Tests performed during antennal care.


Professional nurses with a midwifery registration.

Training Delivery

The course will be delivered through blended learning and mentoring at the work-site. The following learning methods will be used, lectures, case studies, group work, discussions and individual work.


The duration of the course is theory for 3 days.


Students must have access to the internet.


A practical portfolio of evidence should be submitted to the facilitator with the completed cases for evaluation.


A Health Systems Trust Certificate of Competence will be awarded to participants who attend the course and complete the assessments.


The course fees vary, based on the number of enrolments by an organisation for the short course. A quotation per student will be given by the Course Co-ordinator, Cassius Semaushu at Course fees must be paid in full prior to the course start date.

Please contact the course co-ordinator for more information on the programme: Code: MID01

Cassius Semaushu, E: • T: +27 (0)11 312 4524