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About Us

About Us


Training to strengthen health systems

To be a training provider of choice to build a comprehensive skilled workforce for effective and equitable healthcare systems.
Innovation in education and training

Committed to excellence and quality

Knowledge and skills development driven


Equity, inclusivity and diversity


Our approach is based on:

Principles of adult learning
Blended learning
Needs-based training
Coaching and Mentoring

Customising training to local contexts
Innovative training


The Health Systems Trust is accredited by the Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority (HWSETA). HSTi is the vehicle that provides the training and development support for the programmes delivered by HST. HSTi is now expanding its capacity-building and training offerings to all role-players within the health system in Southern Africa.  

·         Our Accreditation Number: HW591PA1311517


  • Cassius Semaushu
    Training Coordinator/SDF

    Cassius Semaushu is the Training Coordinator and Skills Development Facilitator for HSTi and HST. He specialises in upskilling staff through learning and development. Cassius is responsible for Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and Annual Training Reports (ATR) submission to HWSETA, as well as scheduling staff for training. He is responsible for HSTi and HST accreditation with HWSETA and for the operations of HSTi. Cassius is a member of HST Employment Committee and previously served as its chairperson.

  • Dr Susanna Naude
    Training Manager

    ​She is responsible for the management of the training unit, accreditation of learning programmes with the Education and Training Quality Assurance (ETQA) bodies and quality assurance of learning materials. She obtained a BCUR, BCUR (HONS specialisation Community Health), MCUR (Clinical specialisation in Primary Clinical Care), diplomas in Nursing Education and Management from the University of Pretoria and went on to complete her PHD in Nursing Science. Dr Naude is an experienced educator with 20 years’ experience in higher education teaching for both under- and post-graduate students.

  • Thabo Komape
    Training Administrator

    ​Thabo joined HSTi shortly after completing his National Diploma in Management. Amongst many other responsibilities in HSTi, he ensures that training programmes run smoothly and that records are adequately maintained. Thabo is passionate about training and skills development and would love to contribute to the up-skilling and empowerment of many more students. He provides all the necessary support to the HSTi team. 


  • Dr Makhosazane Ntuli
    Technical Advisor: HR and Students Affairs

    ​Dr Ntuli is a trainer, facilitator assessor, moderator, training material developer and learner mentor in HSTi. She is a Public Health practitioner specialising in HIV and AIDS, Health Systems, Health Promotion and Environmental Health. Dr Ntuli published four international publications a year after her Doctoral qualification. She served the World Health Organisation at the Pretoria office as a Technical Advisor to the National Department of Health. 

  • DR Johanna Dippenaar
    Technical Advisor

    ​Dr Dippenaar is a qualified educator and an accredited assessor and moderator with HWSETA and Service SETA. She has years of experience in the education of healthcare workers in the clinical and academic fields. She has delivered training in colleges and universities, in basic and post-basic learning programmes, curriculum and new programme development, outcomes based education and recently E-learning. She currently supports training in HSTi in programme and skill development through accredited programmes in the fields of Maternal and Child Healthcare, Counselling and Risk Awareness, Health Systems Strengthening and all areas of focus in South Africa relating to HIV/AIDS and other diseases.

  • Tshitshi Ngubo
    Technical Advisor - Capacity Building

    ​Tshitshi facilitates training, coaching and the mentoring of learners. She assesses learning and moderates assessments. She has worked in the areas of research in child health, integrated nutrition and youth friendly health care settings. Tshitshi participated in the development of unit standards in AHC-SGB, NQF levels 1–4, published by SAQA. She also developed curriculum for the National Certificate (Vocational) Primary Care (PC), published by SAQA. She wrote the learner’s textbook on The South African Health Care System L3 and L4 primary care, published by Pearson Education South Africa in 2013 and 2014. She also wrote the Community Care Worker Series, published by JUTA Learning in 2009. Tshitshi is currently the Facilitator, Assessor and Moderator at the HSTi.